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Waterstone Title, LLC

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Founded in 2019, in beautiful and prestigious Boca Raton, Waterstone Title serves the needs of both commercial and residential clients all over Florida.  Issuing title commitments and conducting closings, while serving you and your real estate needs.


What We Do

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From start to finish, we thoroughly research your record chain of title, review surveys and search for any liens that may impact title.

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We coordinate with lenders, associations and local authorities to ensure all liens are paid at the time of closing.

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We ensure a smooth closing experience issuing a title or lender’s policy in conjunction with your closing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy?
    • Owner’s Title Insurance is a form of insurance that protects you from financial loss sustained from defects in a title to a property.
  • What is a Lender’s Insurance Policy?
    • Lender’s Title Insurance works in the same way as an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy except it seeks to protect your lender from any defects in title.
  • What is a Defect in Title?
    • Although not frequently talked about, a defect in title is anything existing that could negatively impact your claim of ownership in your property. Examples of defects in title can include: outstanding mortgages, liens, prior judgments impacting the property, mistakes in recording prior legal documents, forged deeds, undisclosed heirs who may claim ownership of the property, incorrectly marked boundaries or easements and even fraud.
  • Do I need an Owner’s Policy?
    • Florida law does not require an Owner’s policy, but virtually every Lender will require a Lender’s policy. Given that you have both a financial and personal interest in your property you should absolutely obtain an owner’s policy.
  • Can I choose my own Title Agent or Attorney and what will that Agent/Attorney for me?
    • Depending on the county in which your property is located, either the buyer or seller will have the choice of selecting the title agent.  While your lender or real estate agent may recommend a title agent, they are not permitted to force you to use any particular title agent.  A title agent, at a minimum, should:
      1. prepare and obtain title searches;
      2. examine the property title;
      3. prepare closing documents;
      4. prepare and issue title insurance;
      5. conduct the closing; and
      6. disburse funds.
  • What happens at the Closing?
    • Congratulations! Closing is the day you acquire or sell your property. Closing marks the official transfer of the Deed, or legal title, to the property. At the closing the parties gather and execute several documents including deeds and loan documents. Several financial transactions also take place at the closing including payment for the property and the payoff of any loans, liens or taxes that would otherwise impact title.